✙ timeline

Since i got back from knee injury in August, lot of stuff had happened. I went to South America,

photocred: Katja Pokorn
photocred: Katja Pokorn

came back for the season in Europe,made JibbaJabba camp in Stubai,

got drunk at the Untouched 1st movie premiere in Ljubljana, started filming with Untouched project,

photocred: Roland Haschka
photocred: Roland Haschka

was pleased to do the coaching for Oakley talent days in Soelden, went to Voss Norway where i found myself in the top 40 at the world championship. My runs were lame and the course was the biggest i’ve ever seen. Because of that it was also a lot of fun, but i wanted to film more, so i didn’t risk another season. Anyway, i came back home where i met with guys from Untouched project again and we filmed in slush, pow, sun, fog,…

photocred: Domen Bizjak
photocred: Domen Bizjak

I got invited by Gore-tex to go on a freeride experience with Seb Michaud, which was really cool.

photocred: Tristan Shu Lebeschu
photocred: Tristan Shu Lebeschu

I also did the licence for freeride ski guide. I learned a lot about avis, mountain hazards and i also skied a lot of pow. I came back home and we made another sick event at Vogel, my home mountain.

I am skiing almost every day and i am already getting excited to do the shoot for Elan skis in Chamonix at the start of May. Follow BINE‧C‧DOTES and stay active.

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