✙ Untouched jump shoot at Vogel mtn. starts tomorrow

photocred: Bonk
photocred: Bonk

It’s been a while since we did a special shoot with boys at Vogel mtn. Actually i remember one back in the days that we did with Samo Vidic.

Times have changed and with Untouched project we got things going really well. There are problems with budget ofcourse to make things expandable, but anyway Mitja Legat and his artistic friends came on the idea to include our home mountain and the jump that we spent so many days on, into our backcountry project. It’s still “untouched” if no one on earth can hit it with us at the end of April right?

I am really getting syched to make it bigger for the shoot and get things done in the next few days. Sunset and night sessions on full moon with best friends you can have (despite EGO factor) on the best location in Slovenia. That’s what’s all about, and that’s why we will be proud to share those moments with you in our next movie. Stay tuned for the report following this weekend 😉

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