✙ Chamonix

photocred: Jure Niedorfer
photocred: Jure Niedorfer

You don’t go skiing to Chamonix in May right? Well, despite the forecasts, one showing the blue and some other not really, we decided to give it a go. Still tons of snow are awaiting everyone willing to climb, ski or just chill in the area that shines with Mont Blanc on top.

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One of the most magnetic places in the world has a well known tradition and history. It is funny to see all these people from different backgrounds in a grab for a spot in this village/town.

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With it’s access to highest peaks in Europe it’s the mecca for freeride/touring skiers, alpinists, climbers, mountaneers etc.

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It is also a home to many and so it was ours for the weekend. Thanks to Mati Imbert and friends for hosting our crew in amazing chalet just bellow Glacier des Bossons

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Unfortunately we visited “just” Grand montets region with it’s famous Glacier d’Argentiere, the Aiguille Verte, the Les Droites, the Les Courtes, the Aiguille du Chardonnet, the Aiguille d’Argentière and the Tour Noir.

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Lucky or not, we got 3 hours of sun so we played a bit in Gite Le Belvedere which was ok with snow. It was definitely fun, but the feeling that there is so many options and so much stuff to ski on can’t get out of my head.

photocred: Jure Niedorfer
photocred: Jure Niedorfer

powturn (1 of 1)

All in all it was a fun weekend and thanks to Glen Plake, Mattias Mayr for a skiing company, Jure Niedorfer for being monocular pain in the ass , Mitja Urh for providing us with Elan skis and Mati Imbert for being a friend!



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