✙ Cheap ticket

Adventure without risk is Disneyland. But there can also be the risk of staying at home and becoming snailzy couch potato popping corn and watching weekend’s famous cartoon. Well boys and i took ‘The little mermaid’ seriously and went searching for the moving water coming from SE. Found some potentially ok spots for SW swells and ended up in Medulin, apparently crowd magnet in spring. There were not many in the water that day, but the morning next was a madhouse. Freaking 5am and there were at least 30 if not more wetty lovers in the line-up. And the waves were shitty too. Anyway, we got some in the morning sesh and the one around noon. I also went in for an hour or maybe more in boardies and a rashy , since i lost the bet against Pristo. Got away with some bruising only.photo(9)photo(10)photo(12)It wasn’t enough just to surf those two days. Came home, ate some of Taja’s pasta and took off for a 9km night run/competition/event. Pretty damn tired.photo(13)Taja works a lot so the weekends are her’s at the moment so she took me to a sandpit and showed some nice elbow work. Destroyed me in the match too 😀photo(11)Monika and Urban invited us to their amusement park. They climb, climb, ice climb, run and climb. The guy climbed to a freakin K7 for f!?& sake! So we climbed and i must say i never had so much fun at climbing. photo(14)Thanks to everyone for this weekend’s ticket to fun.

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