Another year passed by. It’s Christmas and it started to snow above 1400-1700 which is cool, but yet embarrasing for me that i am even writing you about it. It’s sad that you and i are spending this very moment  in front of computer, checking eachother’s facebook and weather forecast. That the loved ones are besides us doing almost the same thing. I got nice gifts from Santa this year. Thanks to Taja my biggest wish is coming true this summer. We are going to Metallica’s concert in Vienna. So the half of the wish still waits for next years to come. Skiing in Alaska. After that i am willing to die…but not really 😀

What i can do is to wish all of you to spend less, write more, enjoy as much as you can, live and don’t die, help and expect nothing in return, boast less, open up, love, be loved and stay healthy. I also hope that i’ll shook hands with some of you, my friends, soon!

voščilnica-2 copy
Taja and I in Soelden in 2013

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