✙ 3G ( Triglav-2864m)

Does anyone wants to go to the mountains next week” asked PiDawg (Rok Prelogar) the other day when the crew was cruising the trails. Yep, i am definitely going somewhere” i responded to the guy. “What about you G“? we asked Gusar (Rok Langus).

So that is how yesterday’s trip to Triglav started a week ago. Gusar has never been up to the highest mountain of Slovenia, so we had to do something about it before he turns 30 (Tradition says that you gotta  reach the peak of Triglav to truly become a Slovene). Tuba (Martin Smrekar) holla’d at us with a will for a trip and so it was…our morning started at 2.30am with a wake up call and after an hour drive and few stops we started walking from Vrata via. Tominškova around 5am. Ripped the ascend in one piece with a 3 short stops and chilled at Kredar’ca on the way back for a quick snack and via. Prag enjoyed the sun for the most of the day. Took it mellow on the descend and enjoyed the habitat around us with couple of social-media outbursts. The trip was beyond wicked. We were also probably the loudest group at the peak but fully enjoyed the mountain and it’s amphitheatre.


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