“Over the last couple of years, the physical limits of the athletes have rapidly been pushed forward, to a point where a mistake no longer means a face full of snow and a wave to the camera at the bottom while waiting for a crash score.” by Jacob Wester


“I want you all to know that I did everything that I could for the chance to defend my title as World Champion, but FIS made that impossible for me.” by David Wise

Since some of you probably have read all the fuzz about FIS world championship and X-games being scheduled at the same time, putting riders in awkward position to decide whether running for gold in Kreichberg, Austria or getting some street cred at the X-games in US, i have decided to brief you a bit about it.


It’s a big nonsense how Joe Fitzgerald and the rest of FIS “majors” can’t get their peace with the world’s leading action sports event and a brand X-games, putting Kreichberg and Aspen in difficult situations. Kreichberg WChampionship 2015 is estimated just under 10 million euros and could be one of the best campaigns for Austrian free skiing. But was it? What do you think? I haven’t read much about Fabian Bosch’s smooth slope style run, since all i am seeing is X-games helmet-breaking run from Bobby Brown, huge amplitude by Kevin Rolland in half pipe, triples and Mark Morris. Not to mention Gagnier’s little brother Vinnie who put down one of the most creative spins in the history. But also X-games did push Hennie ( Henrik Harlaut ) to the hospital. I was not comfortable with guys going ALL-IN for “just” the stupid title. It became dangerous and so do the FIS and X-games nothing about it. Changing course designs to the point where skier would have to show his skiing skills also might help. Just saying guys 😉


Being among volunteer workers, representing myself as a free skier, all the volunteers, my buddies and also the loving Slovenian fans, was my pleasure.I also costed our national association roughly around 100 swiss francs ( since i organized acco, food, transport by the workers “union” ) and probably being dragged though mouths of “important” ignorants behind TV watching me being flushed twice on a second jump spinning for only 3 full stops on the other hand. Yes, 3 full spins going backwards, following by some other rotations and glides you don’t ( but you should)  understand is not even close to get a good result competing against world’s free skiing elite.



But did the title really deserve the elite status? If the “truly” the “best” were in Aspen warming up for triples? Well, i think the world champion title stands for “the dude or the chick that stands out among THE BEST dudes and chicks in the whole world under reasonable conditions on a day before everyone had a fair amount of the shredding done. Or am i wrong and if the only thing that matters is the 45 min of training on an icy course with holes in take offs and the crowd in the finish area being ready to drop their jaws for just any trick following on the last jump?




On the other hand there is always a huge American competitor being known for it’s location in Aspen and a huge ESPN coverage targeting US market for decades and earning millions on brainwashed fans drinking energy drinks for a fair amount of the time in a day. Yes, X-games are the event of the season when riders must have to prepare for and learn their best spin-to-win machining trick to get street cred and a huge exposure until the next shred-robbot comes up and adds another cork or a spin on the same course or even smaller, tighter, complex obstacle. And YES they have tried with Euro version in Tignes and  it didn’t stick. Why? I guess the answer lies in euro mentality and the profit that (doesn’t) follows. Nobody from officials really cared about McRae Williams’s back to back dub sw1080. I could easily ask them now and they wouldn’t even know what the hack does that mean.

Not only the crowd wants to hear the excitement of utterly raged commentator rooting for their fav stomper, they also wanna see the army of shred-robots spinning to their max and tweaking the shit out of their limbs and joints, not caring for consequences of the possible injuries that (might) occur during the show in arena.

Yes we are not far from times of Roman, yet we still think our judgements are the only one that matters to the world. Nothing really matters.

That being said, i know it’s really unimportant for me to write down or discuss about it it too seriously, since we all love to be cleansed and live for the moment of chatarsis at the end of all these battles.

We are only on a February’s doorstep, Slovenia got 4 medals in Kreischberg, snowfalls are on the horizon so there is nothing to stress about my friends. It’s going to be a great season.


Huge congrats to Filip Flisar, Tim-Kevin Ravnjak, Rok Marguč and Žan Košir for spot-on shredding. Also big ups to all the other Slovenian competitors who tried their best even tho conditions weren’t great, they haven’t got enough days on snow or they just didn’t feel it. I hope to see all of you motivated for some free skiing or snowboarding also at the end of this season!


So, i am heading back home and will try to put as much gliding and jumping into my legs and hopefully to get some fresh snow at the end of the week. Take care and enjoy it fully!

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