✙ Some random missions

Along the way i linked with some new and old friends. Matevž and I hosted young buffs at Untouched project snow camp at ski centre Vogel, where we shared our humble knowledge about skiing, snowboarding, avalanche danger, snow pack and other hazards.


I spent almost every day on snow, either teaching,…

IMG_2700…either shredding, either filming. there is not much of snow here in Slovenia and i am eager to travel to a place with a thick snow pack. I am not going to tell you where to yet, but be sure you will get an update soon as we fly away with the crew to film for another webisode.


Uroš (Podbevšek) taught me how to mess around with a kite. There is something magic about flying with kites. I am still a rook, but i am positive we will try some longer flights next time…as long as somebody doesn’t crash. hahaha…11032991_792416930828909_824178599_n

With Elan we tested new prototypes of powder and free range skis and all i can tell you we have some promising skis for you. Testing in Obertauern was a bit hectic since Rok (Zalokar) and I triggered 4 relatively small avalanches just in the morning. That is why i chose to put in a first gear and took it easy this weekend, since the “hunt for powder” is getting out of hand a bit. I understand all the “weekend warriors” who want to get some, but…sometimes it’s just not worth it.EAWS Incidents copy

…so Taja and I took a break from all the hazards and went to one of Slovenia’s most beautiful valleys with Monika, Urban and Uroš to check the ice conditions. DSCF2951-1-2

Since Urban is one of the best young alpinists in Slovenia, he gave us some tips on the conditions, tools, anchoring etc. and climbed up the icy waterfall.photo 2DSCF2955-2IMG_2752IMG_2756DSCF2967-5-2IMG_2757-2DCIM111GOPRODCIM111GOPRODSCF3002-11DCIM111GOPROSo i asked myself: “If i could plan this day as if it was my last, would that make me happy? Ofcourse” Everything i did in the past month has it’s purpose. Even tho i missed two days of skiing in the backcountry i am glad that i learned some of the things and found my inner peace. Not being enlightened or anything, i just learned the way how i can make myself stop for a bit and go on when it is needed.

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