✙ Soul trip to Julian alps

Soon as i came home from Austria, inbox was quite full. I finally made it through, but was still kinda sad that Chamonix trip was off. And than Anže hit me on Facebook: “Dude, are you going on a “stress free” trip towards Triglav with us?” 

Well, there was no question about it. 2 years ago we brought the food up and so we knew we can have a good time without empty stomach. Weather was all time and we got some good skiing from Hribarce and around. It’s really funny that touring skiers always choose one couloir where everyone shreds down not even considering going left or right. I am happy that it is so and am thankful to Anže, Luka and Martin for some great cameraderie and “no sweat”.

IMG_3418IMG_3439IMG_3431IMG_3447IMG_3455IMG_3456IMG_3471IMG_3454-2IMG_3482IMG_3560IMG_3499IMG_3500IMG_3498IMG_3501IMG_3486IMG_3561IMG_3566IMG_3493IMG_3506IMG_3510IMG_3525IMG_3534IMG_3539DCIM111GOPROIMG_3544IMG_3542Sequence 02.Still003Sequence 02.Still007Sequence 02.Still008Sequence 02.Still009IMG_3552DSC_0054-2Sequence 02.Still014Sequence 02.Still019Sequence 02.Still016Sequence 02.Still020Sequence 02.Still022DSC_0037Sequence 02.Still025Sequence 02.Still027Sequence 02.Still026Sequence 02.Still028Sequence 02.Still030Sequence 02.Still032Sequence 02.Still031IMG_3577IMG_3579IMG_3587

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