✙ Priceless experience

“This is my first off sports and obligations sunday that i can spend with my dog at my own place in 7 months. It would also be my mother’s birthday.”


In order to keep my life on track i had to leave my previous job as a wind tunnel instructor. Even though i enjoyed teaching customers to fly, the relationship between instructors and management was way too unprofessional. I’m glad I took the high way. And soon as I did that, the whole negativity turned in to numbers of events I am going to present.

    1. “France/Spain surf trip in start of September with Matevž, Urška, Luka was pretty rad. As you can tell from the photos the conditions were really good throughout the whole 12days trip. I am really happy actually that i took that trip even though i was short on money and Luka and I needed to hustle in a tent every night. To sum it up: Cold feet and big smiles.”

I believe in karma and always have bad conscience, if I don’t do my best. That is why I had to find myself a job which wasn’t really easy to do in France. So Matevž called Žiga, Žiga called Peter and Peter called Jure. So I found out that the guys I had been working with in the past had a new high altitude project in Germany accurately in Leipzig/Leuna. Without hesitation I took the job and after 12 hours of drive from France got back home, packed and left for 9 hour drive to Leuna, where I spent almost 3 months just until Christmas.

     2. “High altitude construction was a fancy name of the job, which was far from easy. Or at least for most of us. To sum it up:  Short nights, cold mornings and late dinners, but a lot of climbing.”

Elan invited me to be part of the White Maze film tour in Slovenia. I took advantage of that and went home 3 times to spend sharing my past experiences with crowds among Matthias Mayr, Davo Karničar and Glen Plake. I also couldn’t miss the premiere of the movie UP, Bright Visuals made with Gal Jakič. Since I also helped with my presence there, I am honoured to be part of this amazing film. Love you Gal, Nina, Luka, Rok, parents and the rest of the crew


After that I came home for Christmas and I really thought I am going to spend holidays in the crib or in mountains shredding some powder with friends. But there was no sign of snow and I also got a call from Kronplatz to come work as a ski instructor until 3rd of March.

    3. “I have done the job as a ski instructor every season since i started to ski. Got my MoU license and ski coach title. It sounds really awesome, but it doesn’t take you really far if you work for someone else. I knew that the job in Kronplatz was not going to be rewarded in high salary, but i gave my word and i kept it. I am happy that i did that, because i met some of the coolest people and also linked with friends from Slovenia who came to visit every now and then. I got into the Kronplatz Air/Big Air event thanks to Lukas Shaefer who made an awesome job. Did need to spend 2 weeks before the comp preparing myself in the snowpark so i could not die on a cool feature with a lot of airtime. Parties afterwards were hilarious and i got that kiddo feeling back. That weekend showed me the reason why i love skiing so much even though I needed to make sacrifices everywhere else in my life. After 3 months of doing that and giving kids the knowledge to make turns on skis and snowboards i really hope more of ME’s are going to stay in the industry and give their bests. To sum it up: Southtyrolians are the most introverted people i got to meet in my life, but they have mountains. Very beautiful ones. “

Conditions in Dolomites this season were poor, but we had some OK days.

I got home this friday night and sat in the kitchen for 2 hours staring at the wall and reflecting on everything that has happened along this way. Many, many funny occurrences and loving faces. But meanwhile, Domen, Nina, Matevž, Luka and other Matevž agreed that we drive to a nice Croatian island and have a mid-winter season break with a chill surf session, before we head back to Mountains until late May/June.

    4. “I can not reveal the spot, since it would not be fair to those who spend a lot of time there enjoying wind and waves, but i can tell you only one thing: That beer on a boat on the way back felt pretty damn good.”

It’s 5th of March. Never thought it would be so special to me.

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